TV tracking tool

Measure how effective your TV ads are

The tool measures the impact of your TV ads on your web traffic, and updates you in real time. It does this through :

  • • Fine-tuned analysis of the most profitable ads, channels, and time slots, and comparing and contrasting the best and the worst of TV performances.
  • • Tracking the number of website visitors arriving because of your TV campaign, and the acquisition cost of each one.

Contextualize your web and TV campaigns

  • • Synchronize your TV and web ads in real time to boost your campaigns
  • • Contextualize your TV campaigns according to heightened criteria (events, weather, etc.)
  • • You’re only doing online advertising? Take advantage of your rivals’ TV campaigns to communicate simultaneously online.

Web retargeting

Run personalized Web Marketing actions via RTB technologies

  • • Optimize your media purchasing
  • • Target your prospects with accuracy thanks to RTB technologies

Mobile advertising

Geo-localize your target

Filter and pinpoint target your audience through geographic location, using our ultra-performance geolocation tool.

Create dynamic content

Maximize memory retention of your campaigns by using interactive content and automated ad buys

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